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Photo of book Family Honor Family Honor By:   Judith Seal Published Date:   January 1, 2012 Price:   15.84




Francesca Maselli. a proud young Sicilian beauty, is determined to choose her own husband, refusing all offers of marriage as she secretly plans to wed an aristocrat. Deceived and abandoned by him, she is forced to marry another suitor to save her from disgrace.

Carlo, a young pharmacist with a genius for creating new formulas, adores his wife, and agrees to move to Rome,where they build a financial empire. Francesca hobnobs with Mussolini, aiding the Fascist Party while her husband befriends and employs Jewish scientists in his pharmaceutical institute.

Still emnbittered by her ex-lover's rejection, she strives for success in High Society, and arranges her daughter Graziella's marriage to a Sicilian Duke, who is not only penniless, but proves to be a pervert. World War II intervenes, and Graziella has an active part in liberating Sicily from the Fascists and Nazis.

Fascism, the Mafia, and World War II are interwoven in a story that encompasses hatred, vengeance love ,forgiveness and redemption as each character discovers the true meaning of love and honor.


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