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Photo of book A Life Worth Living A Life Worth Living By:   Zofia Synos Published Date:   November 27, 2012 Price:   15.95




Alexa, a look-alike to Shirley Temple, had a privileged life until she was six, when the war in Poland erupted and the family had to flee their home.  From this moment, Alexa encounters  a world she never expected  as her country  is defeated after fierce battles and is forced to endure   the German occupation and the Russian occupation amidst the turbulence which  causes the death of family members,  and changes her life style and status.     

A When she marries,  and her new family decides to seek a better life in the  United States, she must struggle through  the challenge of becoming acclimated to a new country and life style.   Her courage, viewed  through her faith as she overcomes obstacles to her family's happiness and success,  shines through at every turn.  Looking back, she knows  her life has been  A Life Worth Living.  She emerges victorious.