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Photo of book Happy Anderson and Dimmie Dolphin Happy Anderson and Dimmie Dolphin By:   Dr. Mary K. Custureri Published Date:   January 4, 2012 Price:   15.99




 Dimmy Dolphin. a lonely dolphin rejected by his family because he is awkward and not as skillful in swimming as his two brothers and his sister, wanders away and finds Happy, the friendly dog adopted by Bobby Anderson. 

Happy and his family befriend Dimmy Dolphin, who then saves the lives of people on a sinking boat. Dimmy becomes a hero and is finally happy with his friends and his family who now appreciate him.

Happy Anderson and Dimmy dolphin is the first book of the Ocean series of Happy Anderson books written by Dr. Mary C. Custureri, (Dr. C.C.) a reading specialist dedicated to accelerate reading development from kindergarten through college.


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