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Photo of book Little Emil Yek and the Search For The Giant Deer Little Emil Yek and the Search For The Giant Deer By:   Frank Ceravolo Published Date:   May 18, 2012 Price:   15.95




LITTLE EMIL YEK AND THE SEARCH FOR THE GIANT DEER is a story of a search for a goal which seems impossible for Little Emil, a miniature Key West Deer, as he searches Florida for his cousins, the "giant" (normal-sized) deer. Along the way he learns about patience, courage, friendship, loyalty and love as he and his little group of animal friends encounter obstacles, dangers, enemies and compassionate helpers. Thus, his journey becomes not only a physical one, but also a spiritual one. It reflects the desires, needs and a rite of passage of humans as they travel toward maturity and learn to distinguish the difference between good and bad advice, previously held prejudices and reality, and finally the love of true friendship and of family. The book is suitable for all ages.

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