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Photo of book Recollection of Affection Recollection of Affection By:   Donna Nicholson Published Date:   2013 Price:   12.95




When her husband is reported missing and the search has ended after a year, Jessica has tried to keep the faith that he would return. However, at last she has to resign herself to the inevitable. To help herself and her young son face the tragedy of her husband’s disappearance in the jungles of Africa, she holds a memorial. After this, she tries to live a normal life. When a new love presents itself, fate intervenes again and she tries to build a new life.

Women will relate to the feeling of loss, to the hope, to the memories of a lost love, and to the difficulties of adjusting. And they will root for the heroine and her child as they try to come to terms with the changes they must make.

“Impressive debut of romantic fiction! Donna has a very fluid storytelling style." - Marla Veenstra

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