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Photo of book Rise and Shine, Rosie Rise and Shine, Rosie By:   Mary Kay Pyles Published Date:   May 2012 Price:   11.95




Eleven year old Rosie is left at home to take care of her older brother and her two four year old twin siblings, Anthony and Sophie. Her mother was once fun-loving and kind to them, but now she is addicted to drugs and has become threatening, returning home after long absences which they have to lie about in order not to be taken to foster homes. With the occasional help of her grandfather, whom the mother does not want around, her neighbor and her teacher, Rosie struggles through harmful situations that arise in the bad neighborhood in which they live. Her mother does nothing to protect them; instead, she attracts bad people and threatens Rosie with bodily harm if she tells anyone about her bad habits.Through the help of a kind teacher, Rosie tries to survive and  face the tragedies that occur in her life. Whenever she meets a new challenge, she always remembers the words of  her grandfather, “Rise and Shine, Rosie,” and goes forth to meet them head-on. An interesting, inspiring story, Rise And Shine Rosie is a must read for every teenager. Also available on Amazon KINDLE.