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Photo of book Pies Don't Fly Pies Don't Fly By:   Joni Craig Published Date:   May, 2014 Price:   14.95




Bea Alden is an artist working out of her home studio in the beautiful Okanogan highlands of Washington State. She specializes in watercolor and acrylic landscapes, floral studies and portraits, all reflecting her delicate observation of the forms and colors of nature. A gallery of her paintings is at

Bea was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is a graduate of the University of South Africa. Her lifelong passion for drawing and painting was reinforced by art studies in high school and college, and continuing master classes.

Her published memoir, Liongold, a vivid account of life in South Africa during the apartheid regime, is illustrated with her own sketches. While also pursuing a challenging career in the health insurance industry, Bea painted watercolor landscapes and portraits of children, and taught continuing education classes in drawing, watercolor and calligraphy at Tacoma Community College.

Bea and her husband, Leon, lived in several Washington locations before settling in the Okanogan region.