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Photo of book Rusting Rusting By:   Dr. David B. Axelrod Published Date:   June, 2014 Price:   13.95




FROM THE PREFACE TO RUSTING: The muse has been my faithful companion for most of my life. I believe that writing is an important act, and I have found writing — particularly poetry — is a path to wellness. I give you these poems as life lessons. I am not just writing poems, I am fostering empathy. These poems are the closest I can come to a survival guide.  —David B. Axelrod


“One of the finest and most original American poets now writing.” X. J. Kennedy

“The truth of his poetry is like life itself ― compelling.” Louis Simpson

“Axelrod is a treat.” The New York Times

“Bright imagery, excellent poetry.” Leo Connellan

“Little epic pieces that delight.” Allen Planz

“Novel and compelling.” Lucien Stryk

“Poems [that] stand out for forcefulness.” David Ignatow

“Brilliant images.” Elliott Coleman

“Taut, sparkling songs.” Aaron Kramer

“A best bet.” Newsday

“A summer Best Pick.” Small Press Review

“Spare, sharp, always engaging.” William Heyen

“Tender, angry, playful, and vulnerable.” Hugh Seidman

“It’s an honor to have him visit.” James Dickey

“[Poems to] cherish and pass around … a prize to keep." William Stafford