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Photo of book The Flying Filly The Flying Filly By:   Lee Arthur Published Date:   2014 Price:   12.98




The Flying Filly is a historical work of fiction – a novel for the whole family. It begins as the story of one girl, the Countess of Coulter, and her horse Spiletta, the Grand Dam of racing’s greatest horse. The characters in the story reveal life in the 18th century with all its status consciousness, its prejudices, strict rules, and, yes, even weaknesses.

The real Spiletta was the granddaughter of Sham, the Godolphin Arabian, and later mother of the undefeated Eclipse, the greatest sire in horsedom, and namesake of the Horse of the Year award to this day. Spiletta is the secret of Eclipse’s success. She passed her enormous heart to her son, who passed them to his progeny, blessing them with great stamina and speed. Spiletta and Eclipse’s names are on the pedigrees of most Triple Crown winners, including Man O War, Nashua, Native Dancer, Seattle Slew and the wondrous Secretariat. Little is known about this champion mare, but what is known has been woven into this novel. It explores the life of Spiletta, nicknamed The Flying Filly, the first horse to conquer racing obstacles, which inspired the Olympic sports of steeplechase, cross country and competitive jumping, to inspire the design of a new and safer saddle and to perhaps save a prince. Quite a list of achievements for the Countess of Coulter’s favorite mount.