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Photo of book The Littlest Harpist The Littlest Harpist By:   Melody Anglin Published Date:   2014 Price:   15.95




The Littlest Harpist is a sweet tale that brings a lingering warm smile. It leaves one to ponder the blessing and responsibility of raising our children to pursue all that God would have in store for them. The fact that it is a real life story makes it all the more magical. Spending a few minutes to read the book is a breath of fresh air to our overloaded lives. It’s also a precious few minutes to spend inspiring a child. I have had the wonderful pleasure of Melody’s friendship for over 30 years. All of us have known that Melody has always had a little extra something special about her. In God’s abundant blessing she has always shared her gifts with everyone around her, healing people both physically and mentally. Harps have always brought us the vision of angels, and Melody fills the shoes well.

(Dr. Ellan Duke, owner of River Hills Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Jacksonville, Florida, is a mother of four, as well as an inspirational writer and lecturer on health and wellness.)