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Photo of book With Cherries On Top With Cherries On Top By:   Ava Roulier Published Date:   December, 2014 Price:   15.00




Here's a book that will please adults asmuch as children. Ava Roulier's imagination rivals even an advanced poet's point of view. Marvel at her jumps in thought-somewhere between surreal and strange and all so very original. You will be charmed. You will be challenged to think. Or, you may just laugh yourself silly. Dr. David B. Axelrod, Fulbright Poet and Laureate

Taylor and Seale Publishing is happy to introduce readers to Ava Roulier's highly imaginative world in which she manipulates words that sometimes conjure up surprisingly in-depth images. Ava Roulier's debut book of poetry is a delight. Dr. Mary Custureri, President, Taylor and Seale Publishing, LLC.