Charles Richard Read

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Author Charles Richard Read has written a magnificent saga of the lives of three generations of people who lived through turbulent times which changed America. The readers will find themselves transported through his vivid descriptions of everyday happenings interspersed with important moments in the history of this country. 

How does a young man feel when he finds out the circumstances of his father's death? How does he survive? How does he overcome his tragic circumstances to rise above his contemporaries? And how are the others affected in their lives from what happened in the past and what happens in their present?

A World War II veteran and a graphic designer, C. Richard Read felt compelled to share his stories. The Black Dutchman is the first of three novels he has completed. He is currently working on a fourth. 


"The Black Dutchman" is an eye-opener to little known aspects of the black experience in America. He rose from erosional tragedy to become an inspiration to many hundreds of young lives. A must-read. Herbert Randall, Award-winning Photographer

After reading "The Black Dutchman", I felt I had been sitting at the feet of a griot. The book is both informative and entertaining. It gave me insight into some of the challenges our ancestors endured during the 19th and 20th centuries, and still play out today. Nate Beale, M.Ed.

"The Black Dutchman": A truly uique story. Be prepared. When you start it, you won't put it down. A collection of stories of an honorable family of long ago that collates into today's society. So many happenstances, I can't seem to pick a favorite. You will continually move from sensations of shock, laughter, sadness and passion. One of the best reads I have had in years. Dianne Theodore, Consultant