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Photo of book A Stradivari Affair A Stradivari Affair By:   Cal Thomas Published Date:   April, 2015 Price:   18.98




A Stradivari Affair is an international musical mystery/thriller. Inspired by a true-life account of the theft of a Stradivari violin from backstage at Carnegie Hall, Thomas has woven a compelling story in which TV producer and former intelligence agent Kyle McBride gets caught up in thievery, subversion and murder that takes him from New York to Florida to Europe. A meticulously-planned theft leads McBride and NYPD detectives on a chase through live world-class TV concerts, and leaves behind several dead bodies, a jilted lover and a flock of crushed dreams - finally leading to Le Cercle, a ring of evil French businessmen. McBride's readers experience Carnegie Hall performances, fabulous dining adventures, international TV markets - and the vibrancy and sophistication of New York, Paris and Brussels.