Gloria R. Koehler

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Gloria Koehler is descended from pioneer families who settled in California in the late 1800s after trudging across the American plain inhaling the dust of prairie schooners carrying all their earthly goods.This heritage of adventuresome ancestors has been passed down through the generations, enabling them, men and women, to step out of the worn tracks of tradition to pursue exciting bold ways of finding new and sharing old experiences. Koehler, a traveler who has circled almost the whole world, loves to meet new people and exchange challenging ideas. Her novel encompasses the life of two very diverse families — one from the heartland of America, the Midwest, and the other from California, weaving their lives together with invisible treads of experience during the three most important eras of the United States in the 20th century: the Great Depression, World War Two and the Korean Conflict. Scruffy Brown Shoes is such an everymans story it will stay with the reader long after the last page has turned and the final word is read.