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Photo of book Silfa A Fairy Tale Silfa A Fairy Tale By:   Susan Nadler Published Date:   Aug, 2015 Price:   14.95




Silfa, a young fairy, finds herself trapped in a different time zone and in a locale she does not remember. Somehow, she has traveled into the future. How can she hide from harm when Willie, a young, sad boy troubled with family problems, actually sees her? They strike a friendship which helps them both grow in understanding of their world. Silfa, who has a delightful wit, possesses all the beautiful qualities of a “good fairy.” Though she has troubles of her own, even to being attacked by a monster she had somehow conjured up from her past, she tries to help Willie. Nadler has captured the childhood fantasy of fairies with a story which helps you escape into the world you remember believing in as a child. Children and adults will enjoy immersing themselves in the story, anxious to know how it will end . . . and yet reluctant to let go.