Gerry Marks Tatham (Speaker)

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AUTHOR:  Gerry Marks Tatham  

Gerry Marks Tatham lives in Edgewater, Florida. Formerly  an adjunct professor of English at  

Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee and the University of Kentucky at Fort Campbell, Ky.  Tatham, she is now an award-winning published author of poetry, short stories,witty news articles entitled “Modest Proposals” for the New Smyrna Beach Observer and articles for Prissy Magazine in Paris, France. She has also authored  an anthology, and a mystery novel.  Tatham has an ED.S in English literature from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, an M.A. in English from Austin Peay State University.  

Using a droll ,satirical humor, she delights her audiences when she speaks and her readers who enjoy her writing.   

Her recently published book, which has become very popular is a mystery novel labeled Malice Domestic.  The satirical theme of Roger and Out involves a man with no sense of humor who dies laughing.  The protagonist, his wife,  writes children’s Westerns in which the villain, Roger, is killed off in every book.  The book is riddled with satire and unexpected twists and turns and keeps the reader enthralled.  

Gerry Tatham has presented her book at the Mystery Writers of America’s annual Sleuthfest in  

2015, at the Edgewater Landing community, at meetings of the National Pen Women of America, and had a presentation at the Smyrna Beach  AAUW (American Association of University Women) before her novel was published.    

Presently she is working on a new novel:  Castle on the Caddo:A Cautionary Tale, which promises to be another great read.  

Her preferred places to present her book are in Volusia County or anywhere in the state of Florida.  (Boutiques, book stores, museums, schools and associations)