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AUTHOR:  Lois Gerber

BOOK:  The Runaway Girl:  A Nurse’s Story

Other books:  The Human Side of Nursing

    Nurses and Their Patients and of Courage and Conviction

    Nurses and Their Patients: Compassion and Commitment


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Meet The Author

Lois Gerber, RN, BSN, MPH believes in the spirit of community health nursing—its focus on wellness, relationships, families, and communities. Her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh and her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Michigan opened many professional doors. In 1993, she received the Excellence in Nursing Practice award from the Kappa Iota chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, an international nursing honor society.

As a child, Lois loved to read and write and was especially inspired by Helen Well’s Cherry Ames book series about nurses practicing in the various nursing specialties. Pearl Buck, whose books focused on culture and family dynamics, was another of her favorite authors.

In Ohio and Michigan, Lois worked as a staff nurse and care coordinator in home health care agencies, public health departments, and an Area Agency on Aging. Along with being married and raising two children, she taught nursing students at the university level for twenty-four years. For eleven years, through her geriatric care management service, she counseled families dealing with elder care issues, developed care plans for their frail members, and monitored their living situations. Her goal was to provide individualized care and keep the patient as safe and independent as possible.

In 1995, she began to write clinical articles and stories of her patients’ challenges in overcoming health and psychosocial problems. She expanded her writing endeavors when she moved to Florida in 2005. Presently,she has over fifty articles and stories published in nursing journals and women’s literary magazines and three books on Amazon, all short story collections that reflect her community health nursing experiences.

Lois has done volunteer work for the Chiles Academy, a school for pregnant and parenting teens, in Volusia County, Florida. Presently, she advocates for foster children in Volusia County courts through the Guardian Ad Litem program.Lois has served people of all ages, various religions and ethnicities, and different socio-economic levels.

Runaway Girl: A Nurse’s Story is meant to honor the nursing profession and the strong resilient nurses in it. It’s a story of triumph over adversity and illustrates the strength of the human spirit. 


Some reviews from Amazon:


  1. Love, love this book Connie Sinclair’s journey as a young girl of sixteen shows how with determination and grit she can discover her true calling, overcoming heart-wrenching obstacles in her path. A girl coming of age, a girl faced with difficult challenges, struggling as she runs away from an abusive father. Running, she meets people, both good and bad, who shape her destiny—to be a nurse.

    This is a book for all ages—mothers give this book to your teenage daughters for inspiration, grandmothers to your granddaughters.
  2. In a unique way, Ms Gerber introduces a young girl at an early age of 15, by the name of Connie, with a complex life of paternal abuse, lies, secrets, compassion and tenacity. The increasing dramatic tension of the almost paralyzing handicaps Connie must face in order to reach her aspired goal of becoming a nurse are so alive, it’s next to impossible to read only one more chapter

    Connie's escape to freedom of abuse and a potential arranged marriage, finds her in numerous situations that lead her to a career in Nursing. Not only does the author describe her journey in detail but also demonstrates the parallels of nursing post WW1 and nursing today. While techniques and the knowledge base has evolved the basic standards are consistent.
    The "Runaway Girl" is a definite read for any age, any profession, anyone 
  3. Author Lois Gerber introduces us to Connie Sinclair, a feisty young farmer's daughter, determined to have a better life than what her father has planned for her. But to have a chance at that future, Connie must leave everything behind and travel to the "big city", 1920's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to discover her destiny as a nurse. Gerber brings Pittsburgh alive to the reader with her Ken Follett-like attention to detail. Her extensive research into nursing training, medical practices and the role of nurses of the day will remind us of why people choose to be nurses As you read this book, you will soon be drawn into Connie's story and cheering her on with anticipation of what will happen next A Must-Read for anyone
  4. I was gripped by the story immediately---couldn't put it down I found myself rooting for Connie Sinclair, cheering for her with every success I am not involved in the medical profession yet, now more than ever, I find I have such a love and respect for nurses But it's much more than that, it's about overcoming obstacles I just loved the whole story--it is told a in way that just drew me in as though I was experiencing it Great writing---I want to see more from this author Lois Gerber  

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