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 Dr. Linda Straubel 

Mystic Fruit - Mystic Fruit is an historical novel of the late sixties combined with a coming of age story for the main character, Karen. She and her older friend, Vicki, meet in New York City and spend time together at a very liberal arts school in upstate Vermont, where they meet Chris, a self-styled "street guru." The novel is set in New York, upstate Vermont, Chicago (during the Democractic National Convention "riots"), and, finally, in the California desert outside LA. Author Linda Straubel has captured the turbulance of the time,as ewll as some of the yearnings of its restless youth.

Author Linda Straubel realized a love of writing from childhood. While teaching she worked on advanced degrees and received her Ph. D. in creative writing at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in 1998. Presently, she is an associate professor in the Humanities and Communication Department at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach.


Starting in 1990 until the present day, Straubel has presented anywhere from 50 to 75 papers on everything from death of cheating women in 19th century novel, to the teaching practice of concept mapping, to pop-culture studies on film and television. In addition to her debut novel Mystic Fruit, her publications include articles on concept mapping, and on TIger Woods and such writers as Margaret Atwood and Ayn Rand.


Dr. Linda Straubel has presented at prestigious universities, organizations, and conferences. She recently talked about writing inspiration and the development of her novel at an Association of American University Women meeting in Smyrna Beach. She soon will be presenting at the Cinematique and in November at the Books, Art and Music fest at the Pavillion chamber building in Port Orange.


As long as her schedule permits, Dr. Straubel is willing to present locally wherever and whenever it is convenient. Please contact mk@taylorandseale.com to set up a time and topic.