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Descended from pioneers which included her grandmother born while they crossed the Oregon Trail, gloria lived in northern California and the San Fernando Valley until her thirties. After she married and had two daughters, she worked in Germany and traveled with them in Europe for three years. Later, the family moved to the Washington area, where she worked for the US government developing contracts for various types of businesses, presenting these ideas to military officers and senior government officials. She was honored by being asked to participate in the development of a contract for a new, untried method of Government Procurement. The final contract was  used as a template for all future government contracts of that type.  Gloria and her husband finally moved to Forida, where she and another writer teamed up to create the successful Parkeast Literary Agency. They still continue as a team, although Gloria now lives in Maryland and Donna Pudick, who collaborated with her in writing the children’s book See I can Do it,  lives in Florida.  

Gloria’s most recent book, Scruffy Brown Shoes involves two protagonists, a boy from a dairy farm in the midwest and the other a girl from the west coast of California, who lead vastly different lives during the turbulent years of the Great Depression and the subsequent wars. Their separate journeys throughout their lives shape their characters as they survive the drastic changes occurring about them within their immediate families and with the world. From the time their stories begin in 1936, to the end of the book, we see these two children emerge into adulthood, shaped by everything that is going on around them, not knowing the other existed until a chance meeting has them meet and merge with the new-found maturity and appreciation for life. The book runs the gamut of all emotions — through tragedy, loss, joy, innocence, longing, desires, and finally a true, mature love.  

Gloria Koehler has presented her first book See I Can Do it at a Books Come Alive series presentation in Daytona Beach.  She is slated to makes presentations and book-signings of her new book Scruffy Brown Shoes in Florida in October and November, but has also scheduled book signings in Maryland.  She will be presenting in boutiques, museums, associations, group presentations, and in schools.  She can be contacted  at