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Jeff Boyle author Novel: Nam World 

Author Jeff Boyle, who has a BA in political science from Rutgers University and an MS in administration from Nova University, lives in Ormond Beach, Florida. A businessman, owner of a retail business, he is also a fine writer and community-minded individual. From 1996 to 1005, he served as elected City Commissioner of Ormond Beach, Florida. 

He interestingly and enthusiastically talks about his book at civic organizations, conventions, restaurants, retail shops, and poetry readings. He is open to presenting at book clubs, service clubs, civic clubs and organizations, libraries, museums, and creative writing classes. Question and answer and book signing sessions are encouraged. 

Description of Nam World: 

Against the backdrop of a corrupt Florida Vietnam War theme park and the 2001 Nine Eleven attack, the sixty days that follow witness a Vietnam veteran's struggle to free himself from thirty years of self-confinement in post-traumatic stress. A chance meeting with a woman damaged by the same war and suffering her own survivor's guilt offers hope for healing and redemption if only he will undertake a three thousand mile journey from Daytona Beach to San Francisco to reconnect with her. 

The novel's anti-war theme explores the human cost of mental casualties from overseas ground wars. Nine Eleven is the historical connection point between the Vietnam War and U.S. military conflicts in the Mideast in the 21st century. The book's setting examines coping mechanisms for post-traumatic stress disorder, big corporate influence on local governments in tourist economies, race relations, jazz, America in Nine Eleven's aftermath, and the healing power of love between a man and a woman.