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AUTHOR: DeeAnn Mallow has two degrees from Kent State University a B.A in communications and an M.Ed. She was an instructor at the university and coordinated adult programs for the school system. And yes-- was living in Kent, Ohio on May 4th. She has written articles for Record Publishing and for newsletters in the United States and Canada. 

DeeAnn enjoys speaking to book clubs and women’s groups about the pros and cons of self-publishing versus publishing houses. She also loves to discuss authors’ hurdles and self-motivational tools, and methods of how your favorite writer may write. She also addresses the fact that it’s never too late to start writing. She has had book signings at Barnes and Nobles, North Carolina Clay Gallery, Florida, Sun City, South Carolina and area book clubs. 

She is available for speaking in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, the San Francisco area and Atlanta. On an occasional trip, she might head to Ohio. She is prone to follow the sun. Check her book reviews on line. 


DeeAnn Mallow’s novels : Web of Lies: 

Avoiding witness protection, a hitman, and law enforcement, Beth Camden is determined to prove she didn’t help her ex-husband secret away $2,000,000 of mob money. The agoraphobic artist leaves her Florida beach home to hunt for the missing money while being shadowed by a former Deputy Marshal wearing the physical and psychological scars her father cause when his psychological evaluation started the dominos falling so the same hitman could target the Marshal and kill a young girl under his protection. Beth Camden and former deputy Rafe Morgan tear through the Florida swamps and cemeteries during a hurricane each in pursuit of their own goals that leads them straight to a collision. 

Sins of the Sisters: 

Writing the biography of multi-millionaire Peyton Bonner, Jack Morrison investigative reporter digs into the life of Peyton’s twenty-one year old step-daughter, Lindy, and her two older sisters. Lindy grew up hidden away in an orphanage on the Louisiana- Texas border. Soon after she establishes herself in Bonnerville California, she learns she is about to receive an inheritance. She shows up with two reformed con artists who have a past exploiting the elderly. The reporter questions whether she is a fraud. When Jack falls for the young heiress, he finds out about love betrayal and murder. What Jack unearths about the Bonner family’s culpability in murder, best stay buried in the California redwood hills. 

Coming Soon:
Journey Through the Darkness: 

A companion booklet of Lindy Bonner’s poems (Sins of the Sisters) that help her discover who she is and establish herself as a true person and strong woman. 

Missing Jordan: 

Staci Palmer--you met her briefly in Web of Lies and Sins of the Sisters. Deputy Marshal, Staci Palmer has problems of her own when her sister goes missing in the Carolinas fleeing an abusive marriage. What will Staci do to protect her sister when she finds she is breaking the law and in danger?