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Photo of book Jewbano Jewbano By:   Frank Speiser Published Date:   03/01/2016 Price:   14.95




Meet Francisco Fernandez, born in Cuba, a three year old brought to the US by his parents. Seven years later he becomes a member of the Borscht Belt Bungalow Colony when his mother, left alone, marries a Jewish policeman. There's love, laughter, music and jokes and 30 new relatives as he becomes Frank Speiser, a Jewish Columbus traveling through a new world called Brooklyn. Meet his mysterious dance-loving mother,  the Jewish policeman who taught the importance of laughter,  and some of the notable actors and singers such as Frank Sinatra, and Nat King Cole at the Copacobana night  club in Manhattan. Much nostalgia and fun. As an extra, why not go to  where by chance we found a beautiful disk called Jubano Jazz of Jewish-Cuban rhythms. The orchestra is conducted by Aaron Kula, a distinguished Music Director at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Beautiful accompaniment to the book.