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Lake Helen, Florida

Do you enjoy wearing stiletto heels—or sneakers? The characters in Blame love Converse sneakers. If you’re less of a crowd follower and more of an adventurer, you will relate to Melody’s characters.

Melody writes books with characters she hopes you’ll find believable, relatable, and a bit eccentric. She wants the clumsy, lonely, and/or geeky kids to know they aren’t alone. Since she has never been able to live down her reputation as the girl who hit the driver’s education teacher’s car with the driver’s education car while learning how to parallel park, Melody considers herself an authority on klutzy. (She still avoids parallel parking whenever possible.)

Like the girls in her novels, Melody dated an athlete. She’s proof that geeky girls can date athletes. The boys in her novels care about grades and sports. Like all of us, her characters have quirks.

Melody’s mantra is: “Don’t think for a minute teens go through high school unscathed.” Her characters show the trials teens face.

Because Melody thinks young adult males need characters they can relate to, the protagonist of Blame is a seventeen-year-old senior with a big problem.

Jacob, a soccer player looking forward to his senior year, learns a horrible secret. What would you do if you learned something that could destroy your parents’ marriage? Would you keep it to yourself or seek help from a friend you trust? In Blame, Jacob jeopardizes his relationship with his girlfriend because, like an injured dog, he slinks away from her and his friends to lick his emotional wounds in silence. But a frightening event soon forces him to seek help.

After graduating from Castleton State College in southern Vermont, Melody taught high school English at Northern Adirondack Central School in Ellenburg Depot, New York, and at DeLand High School in DeLand, Florida. For many years, she lectured in the evenings as an adjunct faculty member at the State University of New York, Plattsburgh Campus. However, she never forgot what it was like to be a spaghetti-legged teen living in the sticks and trying to fit in with the popular crowd. Her novels are set in the rural Adirondack region of New York State.

Melody met her husband Barry while serving as the bat girl for his college baseball team.

A few of Melody’s short stories were selected to be included in FWA collections. Her poem, “Ain’t It a Shame,” is available in the FWA collection, It’s a Crime. To locate these collections, go to Then select Shop.


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