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Photo of book A Touchdown for Ryley A Touchdown for Ryley By:   Robert H. Stone Published Date:   07-11-2017 Price:   14.95




The Ryley Series is a collection of elementary reading books about sports, teamwork, gender roles  and aspirations written especially for children. These easy-to-read picture books will follow the modern-day lives of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, their ten year old son Ian and, of course, their precocious eight year old daughter Ryley.

In each book Ryley, Ian, and/or another family member or friend will find themselves in an adventure revolving around a particular sport. These family-oriented stories feature different sports as part of the adventure, but not necessarily the primary focus. Part of the series’ theme will be that sports are secondary to school and homework. Maintaining a healthy outlook towards sports and exercise, good sportsmanship, friendship and doing the right thing is the moral represented in each book.