Robert H. Stone

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Bob Stone is a writer, photographer, special events producer, director, public relations coordinator, and children's theater director. He has successfully performed in all these roles as an expert creative innovator. 

The Ryley Series is a collection of elementary reading books about sports, teamwork, gender roles and aspirations written especially for children. These easy-to-read picture books will follow the modern day lives of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, their ten year old son Ian and, of course, their precocious eight year old daughter Ryley. 

In each book Ryley, Ian and/or another family member or friend will find themselves in an adventure revolving around a particular sport. These family-oriented stories feature different sports as a part of the adventure, but not necessarily the primary focus. Part of the series' theme will be that sports are secondary to school and homework. Maintaining a healthy outlook towards sports and exercise, good sportsmanship, friendship and doing the right thing is the moral represented in each book. 

Wht people have to say about A Touchdown for Ryley

"It is a fun and inspiring book that would be great for parents reading to their children. The illustrations match the story very well and truly bring the words to life." Mark A. Cornelius, Law Office of A. Mark A. Cornelius, P.A.

"A Dennis the Menace for our time, a girl playing football, who would have thought? If I knew it was that easy I would have done it years ago myself. Thanks Ryley. Go girl." Beverly Bremers - Singer, Producer

"A Touchdown for Ryley is the first in a series of books for early elementary school readers. Ryley is a precocious little girl with a can-do attitude who refuses to be defined by gender normative behavior and roles. She is just as comfortable donning a football jersey, shoulder pads, mouthpiece and helmet and barreling down a football field as she is pirouetting across the stage in a pink tutu at her ballet recital. There's no stopping that girl!" Leslie C. Stone, writer, editor and journalist.