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Photo of book The Coming of Zierns: The Legend of Zierns The Coming of Zierns: The Legend of Zierns By:   James Tierney Published Date:   07/18/2017 Price:   12.95




James B. Tierney has created captivating characters in his new book The Coming of Zierns.  Go on a quest with them in the magical Land of Ack in this, his second book in the series, The Legend of Zierns. Fight the evil Wombats alongside Brudie, Brendan and Nivek. Dust off Wombats with Willow the Blue and ride an armored ferret named Shawn. The story’s main character, James,  “The Zierns”, falls into a situation where he and Master Wing must go on a quest which his Grandfather promised to fulfill years before. And there the story begins. It is the second installment of many others in the magical Land of Ack. A treasured family book full of adventures children are sure to love.