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Photo of book Transcendental Targets Transcendental Targets By:   Joseph Cavanaugh Published Date:   10-01-2017 Price:   29.95




Joseph Cavanaugh's introduction to his book of poetry Transcendental Targets defines Transcendentalism, but one need not read the definition to understand.  Through his poetry, the readers experience the physical and spiritual response to the world he creates—a magical world which transports the reader into a peaceful, loving world of fresh ideas.  Lennon's Wall on the cover sets the theme, but the poetry and the photographs inside gently lead the reader to exotic places and then to ordinary places in which the reader discovers something new, unanticipated, but very welcome.  In each section, a new group of poems open up a new world—whether it is part of a world that you see every day and will never see the same again, or an exotic foreign world you did not know existed. 

This hardcover book of poetry is more than just a poetry book.   It is a magic carpet the reader will turn to again and again with delight to savor the peace and joy,  the pure contentment of being in the right place at the right time, unencumbered, a free spirit in the world you can keep by your side and in your heart forever each time you open his book.


A hard cover book of magic spells woven by beautiful forms of poetry and words contrived to evoke responses of love and peace and pure joy.  A skillfully crafted book by a master poet who can made the mundane look exotic and the exotic a beautiful but attainable jewel lthat the reader will always want to keep near


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