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Photo of book The Cross on Cotton Creek The Cross on Cotton Creek By:   DL Havlin Published Date:   October, 2017 Price:   18.95




A confederate soldier and an officer find shelter in a small country church as Sherman marches to the sea. Trapped behind enemy lines, injured and helpless to move on, they accept the kindness of the minister and his ‘family’ that care for them. It’s not long before they realize that a bounty has been placed on all Confederates’ heads and that some members of the community are desperate to cash in. Can wounds heal quickly enough and plans be laid soundly enough for the to escape before their protectors become victims for harboring them?

Four generations later, descendants gather on a once-every- five-year pilgrimage to paint the cross that remains over the church ruins. What events were powerful enough to secure a family’s commitment for a hundred years? Will these descendants, after learning from the locals of the miracles delivered and prayers answered on this site, believe enough to continue the tradition, or will they sell the property and the church their ancestors struggled to acquire and keep? A man and his son are faced with a choice that could impact future events and ultimately decide the fate of the eerie power of The Cross on Cotton Creek.