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Photo of book Nadia: Detroit: Book 2 Nadia: Detroit: Book 2 By:   Lois Gerber Published Date:   10-01-2017 Price:   16.95




Nadia: Detroit is Lois Gerber’s third novel and the sequel to Nadia: Poland, the coming of age story of a young Catholic girl growing up in the outskirts of Warsaw during WWII who emigrates to Detroit after the war. Nadia’s struggles are with herself, trying to accept Henryk, and make a new life in America, while still pining for Marcus, the man with whom her life was entangled for so many years in Poland. As she confronts the reality of living and working in her new country, she suffers from what is now known as PTSD. In spite of it all, she reaches for happiness, until one day her world comes crashing down around her. Will she survive?