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Photo of book Rachel's Next Chapter Rachel's Next Chapter By:   Barbara Cairns Published Date:   10/22/2017 Price:   17.95




When Rachel Phillips, a thirty-nine-year-old divorcee learns about the death of her best friend, she also discovers that Mary Beth has willed her bookstore to Rachel. But The Next Chapter bookstore is in Lobster Bay, Maine and Rachel lives in Homosassa, Florida.

Rachel, who has a fear of ying, is quite willing to drive herself and her constant companion Hercules, an English Mastiff from Florida to New England. But, can she bear to leave her beloved aunt, her only relative behind, and what about her ex-husband who is trying to win her back? What will she do when Matt, her best friend’s brother wants the bookstore for someone else?

So many decisions for a county librarian who has no business sense whatsoever.