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Photo of book The Spell of the Silver Fox The Spell of the Silver Fox By:   Liz Harmon Published Date:   12/22/2017 Price:   18.95




A naive, trusting, small-town Midwestern girl exchanges her conservative, sheltered upbringing and abusive marriage for a life of independence and freedom in her dream place—southern California. When a man shows up in her life who seems almost perfect, she looks upon his arrival as a chance to start on a new, ideal life. What begins as a whirlwind romance, ends when the man’s chameleon-like persona emerges and leads to a dramatic event, leaving the girl confused, devastated, almost penniless, and with only the clothes she is wearing. At rst, though numbed by the circumstances, she feels the relief of being free at last, yet she is confronted with mysterious circumstances, people and coincidences that leave her with a burning question that she may never be able to answer.