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 Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt has worked as a teacher, editor and writer. Her favorite job ever was producing an award-winning magazine for a children's hospital, where she interviewed doctors, parents, and children to feature heartwarming stories of hope. Since leaving that job, she’s worked as a free-lance business writer and now as a children's writer who writes what she loves.

Elizabeth’s latest books are the Pairs series—Pairs on Ice and Pairs at Nationals. Both books are novels for preteens, and were inspired by her love of skating and her years as a skating mom when her daughter competed. 

“I've always marveled at skaters who could jump, spin, and glide over the ice,” Elizabeth says. “It's been fun creating characters who can skate the way I've always wished I could.” 

Skating provides a backdrop to showcase problems many preteens face. Pairs on Ice deals with getting along with a difficult teammate, adjusting to a new stepfamily, and coming to terms with an absent mother. In Pairs at Nationals, an injury to their coach forces Jamie and her partner Matt to skate at a distant rink. There they face bullying and an indifferent coach. Jamie must decide if her skating dream is worth the struggle.

Elizabeth has also published numerous children's stories in magazines such as Highlights for Children, Jack and Jill, and a variety of anthologies. Other books she’s written include three non-fiction books for teens and a history of Florida for children. Many of her short stories are historical and she especially loves the Revolutionary War period. Her book Young Patriots: Inspiring Stores of the American Revolution, co-authored with Marcella Fisher Anderson, is a collection of short stories featuring young people's adventures during that time. 

Elizabeth divides her time between Florida and Ohio. She is available to speak to young people on a variety of topics, such as the writing process, sparking your imagination, and the preteen issues in her books. She can be reached at lizwrites28@gmail.com