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Photo of book The Way of Dreams The Way of Dreams By:   Jesse Sam Owens, Jr. Published Date:   February 1, 2018 Price:   29.95




The consummate skill of Jesse Sam Owens is revealed as his words pour forth in a musical cadence of poem/songs which grip the readers almost hypnotically. One never knows whether it will be the  reality of the logic, the visions he elicits through his words and the artwork of his artists, his use of gentle satire or harsher analogies that catches one unaware, or his emotional appeal to memories long hidden or suppressed that affect his readers so strongly. His poetry has an unusual universal appeal for those who like the old masters as well as those who favor the new.  His collection of poetry encompasses a vast array of themes. The Way of Dreams is not only beautiful -- it is a book to be savored, turned to often, and cherished.