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Photo of book The Forgotten Father: Coping With Grief The Forgotten Father: Coping With Grief By:   Gary Roen Published Date:   6/11/2018 Price:   15.95




The death of a child is devastating. Parents find much difficulty in coping with this kind of tragedy. However, men in our culture are taught not to express emotion, and their feelings are often overlooked as they try to be the strong male figure that does not fall apart. Women can express themselves better, but the men feel as great a sorrow and have no outlet for the grief they feel.  This book explores the feelings of a father who lived through the tragedy and tells the story of the impact it has on him. The rendering of the story becomes a poignant expression of a fathers grief after the sudden SIDS death of his child. An excellent comforting book for grieving fathers, parents or other relatives.