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Get to Know Our Amazing Poets, Authors, and Artists

Meet our Poets 

Dr. David B. Axelrod

Poet Laureate

David B. Axelrod was reappointed as Volusia County Poets Laureate to serve a second 4-year term. He was one of the first poets selected to fill the post in 2015, and will now continue work into 2023, with the mission to:

“Promote the reading, writing, and appreciation of poetry throughout the County and in so doing, promote greater literacy, cultural activity and tourism.” He also founded a Young Poets Mentoring Program which has already brought out three books and is working toward the publication of at least two more young poets.  

Jesse Sam Owens, J.D.


Attorney Jesse Sam Owens, Jr., is a former Chairman of environmental and land use law section of the Florida Bar and also former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Center for the Arts. A guitarist, songwriter and poet, he has performed in major folk festivals in Florida and poetry events in Volusia County. His latest  book is The Way of Dreams and Other Musings.  

Ava Roulier 

Surrealistic Poet 

Ava Roulier's imagination rivals even an advanced poet's point of view. Marvel at her jumps in thought-somewhere between surreal and strange and all so very original. You will be charmed. You will be challenged to think. Or, you may just laugh yourself silly. Dr. David B. Axelrod, Fulbright Poet and Laureate Taylor and Seale Publishing is happy to introduce readers to Ava Roulier's highly imaginative world in which she manipulates words that sometimes conjure up surprisingly in-depth images. She is the youngest published poet in the US.

Logan Roulier

Surrealistic Poet

Logan K. Roulier not only writes poetry with his grandfather Dan Pels, but he also loves math and science. Talk to him about dinosaurs, snakes, sharks, the universe, the speed of light and infinity and you'll have his undivided attention. His interests show through in his collection of poetry which also reveals a bent for satire. Only eight years old, he seems to toy with his readeers, and his surrealistic viewpoint reminds us of the depth of meaning is what is sometimes absurdly humorous.

Donna Lee Moore


Donna Lee Moore is a poet from the Great Dividing Ranges in Australia's New South Wales, an hour south of Sydney.  She grew up on a farm and was apprenticed as a poet to the land and its stories and later to one of Nashville's adopted sons, Chris Gantry.  Her passion is in education and in personal revolution. "Donna's poems are word necklaces adorned with stellar agates, ancient garnets and breathing unknown colored stones, celestial wind chimes in the turbulence, lofty forgiving beauty songs at the beginnings and ending of all there is."  Chris Gantry, Award-winning Nashville poet and songwriter.


We love writing stories for you

Tanni Haas

The exciting adventure, Justice, Book I, The Adventures of Spider and Ruby, is a futuristic, suspense-filled novel that takes place in a post-global warming future in which the Earth has flooded.                                                                               In his first novel, Tanni Haas describes  "An epic adventure full of mind-bending realms and daring escapes, Haas balances the fate of mankind in the hands of two unlikely young heroes, the introspective Spider, and his courageous new friend Ruby. Like all great coming-of-age stories, Journey to Justice reminds us of the transformative power of love."

M. Shaddix, Ph.D. English, Humanities    

Meet Our Authors

Dr. Lynn Hawkins

D.W.G. Chair of Education Development Professor. Biographies

Dr. Lynn Hawkins is a full-time professor at Daytona State College and a prolific writer. She has written a number of academic works and is a leader in academic and philanthropic organizations and a prominent speaker. He latest and very popular book is a biography of Annie Mae Walker, well-known for her work in Head Start. Always the First--The Story of Annie Mae Walker:Survival in an Uncivil World.

D L Havlin

Popular Historic Novels

A true Florida historian, DL Havlin ​looks for and finds meaningful subjects to paint the Florida landscape and history for his readers. His prose reflects each area, each status, each background.

Without covering up the human foibles in the people he writes about, he leaves us with a sense of the reality of each situation. He enables us to examine and think about our own feAnd you walk away from each book with more knowledge after being entertained.

Jeff Boyle

Novels, Anthologies

​Jeff Boyle, with a BS in science and an MS in the administration, has been a businessman, professor and elected City Commissioner. He enjoys book signings and often presents at libraries, museums, book clubs, and civic organizations. His novel 'Nam World is set against a backdrop of a corrupt Florida Vietnam War theme park and a war veteran's struggle to free himself from his own self-confinement and survival guilt. Boyle has received awards for some of his work.

Lois Gerber

Prolific writer of diverse genre

Lois Gerber, RN, BSN, MPH, believes in the spirit of community health nursing and has written many clinical articles and stories of her patients' challenges as well as non-fiction on nursing practices. Often published in magazines, she now also has written a number of successful novels which reveal the heart of women in situations of survival and of character growth. She enjoys speaking about her books and is often asked to present. 

Melody Dean Dimick

Pres. of Florida Writers Foundation

Prolific author of emotions and challenges experienced by young adults, and ​​on teaching and writing poetry, Melody  is also a winner of numerous writing awards. A sought-after speaker on creative writing, human trafficking and young-adult writing, she writes books  that present the reality of  the concerns of young people. Her presentations on human trafficking and its effects have enabled her to create  an impact on exposing the dangers surrounding youth.

2020 - No Parents Allowed-1st Place Gold Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA) by the Florida Writers Association.

• Poem “Insanity” is a winner and will be included in the Florida Writers Association Volume 12 Create an Illusion collection book.

• Another poem qualified for the next step in the DeLand Museum of Art’s 2020 Poetic Visions Competition. 

Barry Dimick

Barry Dimick grew up in Vermont’s the Northeast Kingdom. Following his service in Vietnam, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. Barry is a member of the Villa Writers, a chapter of the Florida Writers Association (FWA). His short stories, “Letting Go,” and “Vermont” are published in FWA annual collections. He resides with his wife and pickleball partner, Melody, in Central Florida.  He enjoys writing witty short stories and is at work on an interesting  memoir of memorable days.

Jill Clark

Children's Primary and Millde Grade

Jill Clark has taught high school and college literature, composition, creative writing, and reading. She is Professor Emeritus at Daytona State College. A dedicated professional, she stars in her successful freelance writing, has held leadership roles in presentations, and hosts SCBWI's Regional Volusia County online critique group--The Writer's Cafe'. Her writing has appeared in the Ariel Chart Literary Review, Pocket Change Lit. Magazine, Hedge Apple Literary Magazine, the Vanishing Series, Her charming poetry and works endear children to her stories as she inspires them to follow and to write. She presents K-8 Lesson Plans in public and private schools and educational institutions around Florida using poetry from the book. Speaker Calendar, Activities, and Workshops – Jillswriterscafe 2020 Interview Family Featured on the cover of The Neighbors Magazine Oct 2020 Halloween Edition.

2021 - Loose Balloons was a finalist in the RPLA FWA contest. 2022 saw the release of Where Do Balloons Land? Make sure to check out the exciting adventures.      

J. Marshall Gordon

J. Marshall Gordon has traveled all continents as an award-winning educational and documentary script-writer, cameraman, and producer. He writes novels about murder and sleuthing as if he’s been there and done that, too! Like John’s master gardener and talented amateur sleuth, Penny Summers, John was a public affairs officer in the Navy and professional landscape designer.Gordon's first book, "Katelyn’s Killer", was published in 2017.The second, "Malice at the Manor" (2018), follows Penny and her landscape design professor to Western North Carolina where they  find the professor’s stepfather dead. In Penny’s third mystery, "A Sardonic Death" (2019), she’s back in Annapolis  with another murder mystery. 

Donna Eastman

President Parkeast Literary Agency

Donna Eastman knows good writing, for she often helps her authors and publishers produce best-sellers. She enjoys writing children's books (The I-Can-Do-It series and other interesting and well-liked books) but has also co-authored a novel as well. To help her authors, she also has a website showcasing their books. a consummate professional, she is always willing to help launch a book or help authors perfect their craft. 

 The website showcases all writers who would like to become more widely known. A number of our writers are listed. 

Donna Nicholson

Romance and Mysteries

​​Donna Nicholson began her writing career by producing light-hearted romance novels. She has since added mystery novels which explore the human mind and of sometimes twisted evil intents. Her last published novel explored human trafficking, and her newest novel soon to be published, explores the morbid curiosity of a young, spoiled youth whose explorations lead him into murders and accusations. And she is hard at work producing another.  

Dodie Ulery

Artist and Writer of Multiple         Genre

Dodie Ulery, award-winning artist specializing in fiber arts, including weaving and fine art basketry seen and sold in Florida art galleries and gift shops, is also an award-winning photojournalist whose articles appear nationally and internationally. A prolific non-fiction writer, she has been featured a guest speaker on twelve AM and FM radio talk shows aired in the US, Canada, and South Africa. She has just published Freedom Song, her first YA novel.  


Dr. Jim Shoopman

Academic Writing, Poetry, children's literature

Dr. Jim Shoopman is an Associate Professor Studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. He is an active churchman in the moderate Baptist tradition. He is the author of three children's books (The Zachary Hamm series) with Taylor and Seale Publishing and is under contract with McFarland Press, for Virtue and Victory: The Popular American Hero. He is also third editor and partial author of The fundamentalist Takeover in the Southern Baptist Convention (1997) and has authored a number of scholarly articles related to religion, sociology, and literature. Dr. Shoopman has a Ph.D. in Humanities and Religious studies from Florida State University.

Joan Harris

Children's Books, Essays, Short Stories

Joan Harris, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is also a prolific writer. A member of the Florida Writers Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, she has been an award winner of the Royal Palm Literary Society's awards. Grandmother of thirteen children, she has written fascinating books for primary grades, as well as short stories, newspaper and magazine articles, and essays. Her six Prince, Princess and the Dragon stories often have instructive themes such as friendship, bullying, meeting challenges and other themes children love. Her 2021 book, When Pigs Fly, is the first in her new "animal" series.  Gwedolyn A Sometimes Grumpy Gorilla is Coming Soon. 

Cal Thomas


A Maine native, and now a Floridian dividing his time between the North and the South, Cal Thomas has also studied, lived and worked in Pittsburgh, New York City, and Paris. He enjoys traveling and writing, producing travel articles as well as two great mystery novels based on his knowledge of places and his experiences. Drawing on his experiences as an intelligence agent, as well as producer of international music programs, he has written two fascinating novels as an introduction to his Kyle McBride series of adventures: A Stradivari Affair and Decoy.

Elizabeth Vollstadt

Middle School Books

021 Florida Writers Association Gold Award winner in the Published Short Stories category for “Aunt Winifred Goes To Court” at the 20th Royal Palm Literary Awards competition. She was selected from 577 entries.

Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt has worked as a writer, editor, and English teacher. Her latest books, Pairs on Ice and Pairs at Nationals, are contemporary novels for tweens. They let readers experience the highs and lows of competitive figure skating while showcasing problems faced by many preteens—difficult teammates, divorce, stepfamilies, and bullying. These books are inspired by Elizabeth’s love of skating and years as a skating mom when her daughter competed.Elizabeth has also published numerous children’s stories, non-fiction books for teens, a history of Florida for children, and Young Patriots, a collection of short story adventures of young people during the Revolution. 

Linda Mason

Series of Children's Interactive Books

​Linda Mason has a BA in Psychology and MS in Education. Certified in pre-school, reading, elementary, and special educ., Linda felt the pulse of children's eagerness to learn and discovered their vulnerabilities and their spontaneity. This has inspired her to create stories and songs that capture feelings from the inside out while developing skills and self-concepts from the inside in. Her first children's books with accompanying songs and interaction are Whodilly Wiggily, and C.A.B.I.T. The Amazing Rabbit. She has also written There Is No I in We and The Shero's Dream Catcher, June 2021 her latest book A Shero's Dream Catcher was featured in the local newspaper.  

Joseph Cavenaugh

V.P. of  National Federation of Poetry

 Former president of the Florida State Poets Association, Joseph Cavanaugh is a prolific poet and presenter. He is also chairman of the  Blackberry Peach National Awards. Latest book: The Poet and the Wondersmith Dec 2020. 

Dr. Deborah Lee Prescott

Professor of Holocaust Literature

Prof. Deborah Lee Prescott is an author and playwright. She finds constant inspiration with Mitzvah, the blind dog, and Daisy, the sassy cat, whom she writes about in children’s stories which have been translated into a number of different languages. She has a life-long interest in the Holocaust which she shares in lectures and writings.  Check out Darn it, Daisy for the latest Adventures.


Diana Rubino

Historical and Biography

An Amazon Top 100 selling author, Diana has a passion for history that has taken her to every setting of her historical and biographical novels: England, France, Egypt, Italy, and all over the United States. The contemporary fantasy "Fakin' It", set in Manhattan, won a Romantic Times Top Pick award. She's the owner of engineering business CostPro Inc., golfer, pianist, racquetballer, fitness nut, Jersey Shore Italian, and real estate tycoon on the side.

RA Atherton


My background is not in writing, but it is in children. I have worked with children for over a decade and most recently began working as a school director at an Early Childhood Education Center. I mostly work with (and write for) children under six years old. Some of my books are even inspired by the sweet kiddos I have taught over the years. My hope is that you find one that sparks their imagination. I wrote each book with the intention of promoting imaginative thinking and creativity. My only mission is to put good books in little hands. The importance of early literacy is something I hold close to my heart and hope that your little one finds joy in reading the stories I created for them.  

James Tierney

Writer, Artist

James Tierney takes young people on exciting adventures with his colorful, captivating characters as they embark on an imaginative quest which their ancestor promised to fulfill years before. The tales are almost mythological, with fairies, magical lands, evil Wombats and strange beings. Tierney has written three books: The Legend of Zierns, The Keeper of the Swords, and The Chise Wars.  They are all fast-paced,nteresting readings with Tierney's own creative art work. He is working on his fourth book, The Sisters Three due out in December 2020. His memorable characters, such as Brudie, Brenda, Willow the Blue and Nivek have enticed fans to follow their stories.

Sandra B Godfrey

Middle grade

Besides Flynn and the Dragonfly, Sandra Godfrey has published articles in Highlights for Children, Guideposts for Kids, Shining Star, Grace Publications, World Vision, Upper Room and others. She is a graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature. Sandra holds bachelor's, master's and specialist's degrees from LaGrange and Piedmont Colleges. She has written three teacher resource books and co-authored a children's version of Practicing the Presence of God for kids.

Mary Kay Pyles

Mary Kay Pyles, a retired elementary school principal and educator, saw many children who endured difficult life situations. She wrote Rise And Shine, Rosie to honor those who overcame their challenges and to encourage those who are still struggling. Rise And Shine Rosie won the coveted first place Royal Palm Literary award for unpublished middle-grade Fiction at the 2012 Florida Writers Conference

Dr. Gail Tanzer

Biographical fiction

A graduate of the University of Chicago, Gail Tanzer went on

to teach art history and has written three books about artists: Duccio and the Maestà, Across the Alps: The Secret Life of Albrecht Dürer, and the Edmonia Lewis section of The Ghost of Cleopatra. Her mission is to renew interest in artists, like Augusta Savage, who were once famous but are now little known. She released a new book Graven Images in 2019. 

Barbara Cairns

Mysteries and YA

Barbara Cairns, a New Englander, is a former teacher and school principal who worked in Department of Defense schools in Labrador, Germany and Panama before retiring to Florida with her Englishman husband, Ian. she has written a history of Florida, children’s books, Young Adult novels and novels which inspire and grabs the interest of her readers.

Bob Bickford

Mystery Writer

BOB BICKFORD IS A PROLIFIC WRITER of gripping mysteries. His favorite enchanted place” is a library, where he enjoys spending much time."   Although he had a background which forced him to learn all the arts and tried to lead him into medicine, he found his way into what he loves best—writing and reading. His reading audience is very happy about this.  

Dr. Gini Graham Scott

Academic to Children's books

Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., CEO of Changemakers Publishing and Writing, is an internationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and workshop leader. the author of over 150 books, she writes on a variety of topics for people of all ages. Her books run the gamut from the very serious academic books to very appealing children’s books.  

Charlotte Stuart


Charlotte Stuart, Ph.D., began her career in academia, leaving a tenured faculty position to spend a year sailing "around the world in the San Juans." She then spent nine summers commercial fishing in Alaska while focusing on speech writing and managerial consulting in the winter. After developing and implementing a corporate university program for a major health care company, she became a VP at HR and Training for a credit union. In a world filled with too much uncertainty and too little chocolate, her current passion is for writing lighthearted mysteries from her home on Vashon Island WA. Charlotte Stuart’s cozy mysteries are well loved and have won a number of prizes including in Nov 2021 she was awarded the NYC Distinguished Favorite Award.for ‘Why Me?’

Julia Ceravolo

Historic Novel 

Julia Ceravolo, fluent in both Italian and English, is very knowledgeable of Italian history. Her interest in history, as well as her rich understanding of the human spirit, is reflected in this intriguing novel. Under her legal name, Julia Foca Ceravolo, a local and national speaker, has written, hosted and co-produced 27 television programs which appeared nationally on EWTN and other stations.

Nick Green


Nick Green has written a remarkable story about a man challenging himself to complete a task he had set up for himself.

He failed the first time, but the mountain beckoned, and he tried after he had lost spirit and against his own depression and won.  He is an upcoming writer with much promise.  Summer of 2021 he is working on his second book.  

Terri Hoffman Curtis

Children's books

Terri Hoffman  has written two delightful little tales about a very sly fly who negotiates ownership of his new home atop an old gray mare.  He is a delightful little fly who changes the mare's life as well. 

John Anthony Miller


Motivated by a life-long love of travel and history, John Anthony Miller normally sets his novels in exotic locations during eras of global conflict. Characters must cope and combat, overcoming their own weaknesses as well as external influences spawned by tumultuous times. He’s the author of eight historical thrillers and mysteries, as well as his latest novel, Song of Gabrielle. He lives in southern New Jersey with his family.

Gary Roen

Poetry, Short Stories

Gary S. Roen, author, nationally syndicated book critic/writer, consultant has been writing close to 45 years. He is the author of "Journey, A Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories" Legacy Book Publishing, "Slotski's World" another collection of sf short stories and "The Forgotten Father" a book of poetry from Taylor and Seal Publishing, and the co-author of "Cats Cats and More Cats Royal Fireworks Press Roen is the author of two books of poetry, "Look at Me World," Chateau Publishing, "Made By Man" Nest Egg Publications; his poems have also been published in numerous small magazines. He has published in short story collections like Computer Legends Lies and Lores Ageless Press, Anotherealm SF magazine, and Mercury Sky online. He is also the author of a satirical play entitled "Vamp

His syndicated reviews have appeared in hundreds of daily, weekly newspapers and other periodicals 

Susan Nadler

Young Adult

Award-winning creator Susan Nadler has combined her first two loves of writing and fairy tales in Silfa, a magical young adult book that is inspiring as the life Nadler has led. The character of Silfa came to her in 1977 and never left her side. As she launched a successful career in the music industry that led to winning two Grammys, running a record label and working with some of the most iconic figures in popular music, she continued to work on the book.While growing up in Pittsburgh, Nadler loved to escape from everyday life into fairy tales. It is with the dreams of that young girl and the talent of an accomplished woman that Nadler wrote Silfa, the story of a fairy and the important life lessons she teaches a boy named Willie. Storytelling has been a constant theme throughout her impressive career.       

Tom Towslee

Crime Action Fiction

Tom Towslee is a great story teller.  He keeps you on your toes as his stories twist and turn.  He leaves you hanging until the last page.  See what John Standard is up to in the coastal town of Zihuatanejo, Mexico.    The Drug Lord's Daughter, Graves Point and HIS NEWEST in 2021 

Rich Man Dead Man.   

Linda Straubel

1960s Historical Fiction

 After teaching writing courses and editing everything from freshmen to senior academic essays, to speech outlines, to short stories and poems, to professionally published fiction, for over two decades. our authors’ pages on

Writing, Presentations and Publications:

I've presented and published dozens of conference papers, articles and chapters on subjects as varied as pop culture, concept mapping and hybrid college classes, as well as numerous reviews of new academic texts. See the attached thumbnails of books to which I've contributed chapters, also on a wide variety of topics from Tiger Woods, to Margaret Atwood to Ayn Rand.

My First Novel: Mystic Fruit:

This first novel started with an obsession. One night when I could not sleep, a short story of a dear friend lost to a cult.

Brenda Stanley

Young Adult

Brenda Stanley is a former television news anchor and investigative reporter for the NBC affiliate in Eastern Idaho. She has been recognized for her writing by the Scripps Howard Foundation, the Hearst Journalism Awards, The Idaho Press Club and the Society for Professional Journalists. She is a graduate of Dixie College in St. George, Utah and the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. She is the mother of 5 children, including two sets of twins. Brenda and her husband Dave, a veterinarian, live on a small ranch near the Snake River with their horses and dogs.

Jane Anderson

Middle School

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson’s delightful real life story is based on the antics of their own beloved Yorkie. Mrs. Anderson has been an art teacher and media specialist. Mr. Anderson had been a radio announcer, a businessman, and performer in the opera.

Very active people, they volunteered much time in pursuing civic and cultural activities. 

Frank Carmel Ceravolo 

Middle School

Frank Carmel Ceravolo is a graduate
 of Florida Atlantic University, and has
 degrees in both Administration and Biology. He is also a master falconer, and
has utilized his extensive knowledge
and experience with this ancient sport
in developing a system which prevents
 collisions between aircraft and wildlife
 in an effort to save lives. An entrepreneur and inventor, he is currently the
 president of his own company which revolves around one of his patent-pending designs. He has also worked as a case manager and guardian of abused children in the State of Florida. A frequent traveler and adventurer, he enjoys meeting people of diverse cultures, and spending time appreciating some of the most beautiful locales in the world. Writing, scuba diving, surfing, and sport driving are among his passions. 

Kim Ayers


Kimi Ayers is a happily married young woman with a zest for life and a talent for counseling. She and her husband Kenny, an engineer and minister, own a successful business. Their happiest hours are spent serving as Young Adult Ministers at their church and joyfully sharing their dreams and work.

Joyce Senatro

Historical Fiction

Against all odds is a theme running through both stories. Both are stories of historical times in the US. The first is about a woman coming from Italy through an arranged marriage and finally emerging from feeling like a nonentity to a woman who ultimately finds happiness through the help of others. The second book is about, a schoolteacher in a poor Pennsylvania mining town and how she comes of age through her strength and determination. Both stories are compelling and well-written with complex characters and plots which make the stories very enjoyable.  The Middle of Somewhere won first place for Women’s Fiction in the 2016 Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Award competition.

Melody Anglin

Motivational, Children

The book is biographical and tells of her dream to become a harpist while her parents expected her to become a pianist like her father. It is an inspiring book about her determination to get her dream.  Arranger and author, has a master’s degree in Music Performance and a Harp Therapy Certification. She performs locally and abroad for classical, pops, and therapeutic concerts, corporate conventions, television, radio, and private events. Her book is in English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French.  She has appeared with the Atlantic Center for the Arts, Seaside Music Theater, Florida International Festival; Brevard, Bartlesville, Tulsa Symphonies; Ormond Beach and Ocala Festival Orchestras and World Radio Network – Australia, the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria; local PBS, NPR; and for the World Harp Orchestra, San Diego and PTL Satellite Network’s “Sunday Night Live.”

Caroline Theriault

Primary, Children

She can make you forget he is a dragon and you love to hear the story. 

Dr. Christina Raffini

Historical Fiction

Author Christine Raffini, Ph.D. studied in Paris, France where she lived for five years and in Perugia, Italy when she resided in Perugia. She received a Ph.D. from Penn. State and taught French literature at the University of Miami. A seasoned traveler interested in politics, wildlife and culture, she reveals her varied interests in her books, which give much information about the historical times of which she writes. Her first two published books explore the Renaissance

Meagan Kish

Historical Suspense

Meagan grew up in the Midwest but transplanted to the deep South more than a decade ago and never looked back. She's always been drawn to historical settings and all things mysterious, and from that perfect combination, the world and plight of the Sullivan family arose. Meagan has a degree in English with a background in editing and communications. She lives in Alabama with her husband, three daughters, and a rambunctious labradoodle and spends her spare time as a music instructor.

Bob Boese


On December 18, 2021 Bob Boese gave a well received presentation to the Ancient City Writers Guild on the proper limitation of vague terms and unnecessary adverbs. Everyone is looking forward to his next mystery The Florida Snow.                                          Bob Boese's passion has always been on education and youth coaching and is the author of numerous sports and legal articles based on his long and productive career as an expert in environmental law and policy. His mystery writing reveals a knowledge of the fascinating experiences he has encountered. His first novel, The Secret Life of Mr. Cunningham will soon be followed by a trilogy of the Casey Mysteries. 

Bai Lu


Her family had been prominent, academic, aristocratic, and her sisters and brothers had privileges, but Bai Lu remembers living only in fear under the leadership of Mao Zedong. The need to hide their background, their struggle to survive, their deprivations, the hunger, the bad treatment by officials, the terror of saying or doing something wrong and provoking wrath, colored her days with dark strokes. A very revealing book of the documented history of that period. The history and suffering are real, though the story is an adaptation of the reality of the heroine. A Young Adult version is being prepared and will soon be published.

Mary Custereri

Children's Books, Learning

She writes educational books for teachers, students, and for educational research. She has also written fiction novels (one is Defy The Winds by Mary Foca) Her list of published books is impressive and covers a wide range of topics; from entertaining children books (Happy Anderson Series) to how to be organized to learn and self-help to poetry. She is a gem to the local community and we always look forward to her speaking engagements. She will give of herself to so many to help them be a better person and writer.

David Ask 

Children, Primary 

David is originally from Glenwood, Minnesota but now lives in Nashville, TN with his wife and two really cute kids.

David is also the author of a new children’s book series called “Fire and Ice” about two British mice who have fun adventures! Check out

Joan Wright Mularz 

Young Adult

Joan Wright Mularz is a resident of Florida and summers in Maine. Her memberships include SCBWI (Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators), SINC (Sisters in Crime), Palm Beach Gardens Fiction Writers, Newburyport Writers, and IPNE (Independent Publishers of New England). Her third YA novel, Maine Roots Run Deep, was a finalist for Best Young Adult Book 2018 at the Independent Publishers of New England Book Awards. Her short story, "Barbara Screechie" was published in the 2018 Anthology, Whittier Than Thou: Wit and Whimsy inspired by the Life and Works of John Greenleaf Whittier.

Dorothy "Dottie" Fletcher


In 2007, Dorothy K. Fletcher retired after 35 years of teaching English in Jacksonville, Florida, and she discovered life as a writer. With her poetry already appearing in 78 literary journals, magazines, and anthologies, and her articles appearing in national markets like the Christian Science Monitor, she became a monthly columnist for the Community Sun Section portion of the Florida Times-Union.

Dorothy has had 7 books published. After the Community Sun section of the Times-Union was discontinued, Dorothy became a freelance writer. 

Bob Stone

Series of Children's Fiction on Sports 

Bob Stone, has been and continues to be producer, writer, promoter, and photographer. His restless energy leads him into a number of avenues in which he always produces the best. He enjoys the arts and continues to support them through his Stone Studios, his photography, and his public relations. His latest venture is in writing a series of children's books which will showcase different sports. They are inspirational and appeal strongly through the early elementary grades. They are called The Ryley Series. He will be publishing his latest in the Sports Series Aug 2021. 

Paul DeBrito



Dr. Nancy Mims



GW Kennedy


An alumnus of Rice University, with graduate degrees from Penn and Buffalo, G.W. Kennedy was a college English professor at the University of Illinois/Chicago. After leaving academia, he worked as an editor and communications manager for several Chicago companies. Kennedy has published several novels (Dead Arm and Purpose Pitch) and short stories as well as articles and essays.

Kennedy and his wife Joy live in Evanston, IL, where they await the Cubs' next World Series victory.

Sharon Kruger 


Sharon Krueger, expert in home staging and interior design, is a very creative woman. A lover of the arts, a singer, and a writer, her joy in creativity shines forth in her work. Her first manuscript was a children's book, Happy Birthday Cayle, which was well-received. Her latest book is titled "I Will Never Leave You." It is a serious book centering on victims of abuse. It concerns a problem we often ignore, but is too real to be swept under the carpet. A very interesting book, it is as inspiring as it is instructive with an ending that will leave the reader with increased faith and love.

Chris Gantry



Virginia Slachman

Mystery Writer

Virginia Slachman was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and has taught creative writing and literature at the college level for over twenty years. The recipient of numerous awards and fellowships for writing, she's published several volumes of poetry; Many Brave Hearts, a memoir about her family's experience with PTSD; Blood In The Bluegrass, and just released Book 2 Betrayed In The Bluegrass, the latest in her mystery series set on a thoroughbred breeding farm in Kentucky. You'll find Slachman teaching and working at a thoroughbred rescue facility and lives in a small, historic district in the heart of St. Louis.

JT Kunkel

Mystery Novels 

J.T.Kunkel’s mystery books are becoming very popular. He is:

- gaining many fans

- Producing his fifth mystery book

- Launching himself as an author on healing concerns.

- Article published in the Memorial Sloan Kettering Fall 2020 Newsletter which is distributed to over 4000 by mail and throughout healthcare facilities in the New York City area

Gerry Tatham

Satire and Dry Wit

Gerry Tatham, a former professor,  is known for her satire and dry wit.  A master of satire, she has written numerous articles and provided much entertainment through newspapers and magazines.  Now retired, she has written a mystery novel that is a true beach read with a trick ending that is sure to leave the reader laughing.  It is titled Roger and Out. She has presented to many groups.

Dr Georgianne Thomas

Life Coach

She is an interview coach for various artists, a writer, producer, director of television specials, teaches acting classes, and she has been a cable talk show host, and a radio announcer for WCLK – 91.9FM in AtlantaDr. Georgianne Thomas received her Doctor of Arts in the Humanities from Clark Atlanta University, her Master’s in Education degree from Georgia State University, and her Bachelor of Arts degree from Spelman College. Community activism, the arts and politics have all been large components of Dr. Thomas’ life.

Brandy Winston



Judy Lindquist



Tracy Tripp

Novels and Children's Books

Tracy Tripp graduated from SUNY Oswego and went on the Buffalo State College, where she earned her Master's in elementary education with a concentration in English. After teaching middle school for several years, she is now raising a family. She and her husband have three children. Her children's books reveal her understanding of the imagination of children, who love the books' style and stories. Her novels, too, reflect an understanding of the human psyche, with all its weaknesses and strengths. Women especially relate to the themes and plots.


J.E. Mooney (John Edward Mooney) 

Throwaway Boy is his first novel with Taylor and Seale Publishing

With a very remarkable background, John Edward Mooney has lived in five countries and worked in 32 more. He has worked as a former tech executive and Peace Corps country director with 20 years living and working in thirty-two countries as a teacher, engineer, sales manager, business founder executive, and Peace Corps country director. John E. Mooney, who has degrees in English Literature, Mechanical Engineering, and Business is now indulging in his love of storytelling, researching, and writing full-time. He enjoys the exploration of new cultures and what people value and why. How do we “prioritize our finite allotment of time? How do we participate in the community? What does privacy mean? What is the nature of family.” His first novel, The Siren of Good Intentions, debuted in 2020 and won first place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards Although he grew up in Connecticut, he now calls himself "a proud Florida Man, living in a sub-tropical wetland aviary with a remarkable wife.” 

Barbara Roduner

Edwardian Fiction

Author Barbara Roduner writes about three spirited Edwardian sisters and their adventures in marriage, raising children and living up to expectations of her parents. You will enjoy reading their path in The Heiress and the Reluctant Earl and her newest book Verity and the Arrogant Marquis.


Andrew (AG) Conlyn 

Science Fiction

A successful architect with his own firm, has also spent a lifetime studying scientific phenomena. His debut novel The Venus Prophecy, is an intriguing science fiction story about startling discoveries from the planet Venus. The technical reality and the author’s imagination are well integrated and believable to form a very interesting science fiction story. Conlyn is now writing a sequel to this story, which will come out in 2021. Meanwhile, we have discovered that he is also a fine storyteller for young children, since he has enjoyed writing these stories for his young friends and family. Today he sees nature under siege, and a people not recognizing the jeopardy we have put upon ourselves. His debut novel The Venus Prophecy published May 2020, in the emerging genre of sci-fi uses a blend of science fiction and drama to illustrate our peril.

Sylvia DeAngelo

Cookbook Author

Just in time for the Christmas holidays Cooking with Love is now available. From one of the finest cooks we know. 

Patty Everett

Childrens Book 

Patty Everett is a multi-talented registered nurse. As an author, she has been published in professional journals and freelance magazines. Also she is an actor and director in community theatre. This is her first children’s book. The inspiration for Pajama Pirates came from the antics of her own boys as they utilized everything in the house to bring their seafaring days to life. 

Mike Farris 


Most interesting mystery. Just released 2020. Grieving the death of his father, Miles Buffett discovers a shocking family secret in Depression era letters between his grandparents

Angela M Rosati


Angela M. Rosati (nee Russo) was born (8/22/29) in Long Island City, NY. I purchased my first computer when I was 70 yo, or something like that. I began writing because my family was sick of hearing my historical/hysterical family stories. Later I took an online writing course; I was a 76 yo college girl! I don't want to be rich and famous; I just want to be rich, rich, rich.

Daytona Writers Guild 

Local Authors

 In October 2020, despite the pandemic, the Daytona Writers Guild compiled stories from various authors in the community to create Beach Reads. This book is available for special orders as well as at local boutiques a///nd specialty shops.  

Meet Our Artists

(Some are also authors.)

A picture is a poem without words     Horace


Theresa Burns

Artist and Author

Theresa Burns is originally from Chicago, Ill. From a very earlshe knew she wanted to be an artist. She has illustrated 35 children's books, including two that she wrote. Many have received awards and very favorable reviews. Her books and art work have  received excellent reviews from Publishers Weekly, School Library journal and Writers DigestShe works in several mediums, including, watercolor, Ink and acrylics. Her murals are in hospitals, restaurants, schools and private homes, and her paintings sell in galleries throughout the United States.She is also a professional face painter. Theresa enjoys working with children, has taught art and also visits schools to read her books and share her passion for Illustration.

[email protected]

Brandy Winston


Author and Artist for Children's Books.  

Chris Holmes

White Rabbit Graphix

She is a local graphic artist who does fabulous award-winning covers for almost all of our books

James Tierney 


He does fantasy drawings of the mythological type characters in his books. He also creates monsters and other characters in a movie production company. Also produced a puppet for his books.